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Why managed IT services is driving innovation for SMBs

As the nation's innovation hub, Sydney plays a vital role in growth and development opportunities, yet Deloitte's ImagineSydney report estimates over 130,000 small to medium businesses fall into the category of  'non-innovators'.

Innovation does not mean invention, nor is it out of reach for any business or organisation. In a nutshell, innovation describes change to create more effective processes, products and ideas.

Tapping into the potential of innovation is important for both business growth and the wider economy. If only 10 per cent of 'non-innovators' were to become innovators themselves, that would translate to over $20 billion increase in Sydney's gross regional product, according to Deloitte.

Becoming an innovator does not have to be a solo task. Managed IT services can help Sydney SMBs really find their innovation groove.

How can managed IT services drive innovation?How can managed IT services drive innovation?

How to unlock innovation

The Australian government outlines very clearly several steps to unlocking innovation through careful research and planning. These include:

  • Identify the current market trends within relevant industries.
  • Analyse customers wants and needs.
  • Seek advice. External consultation can help identify internal opportunities within various levels of an organisation.
  • Be open to new ideas and change.
  • Implement an adaptive, responsive strategy that promotes innovation.
  • Empower employees from the top down to be the champions of innovation themselves.

Why managed IT services may be the key to driving innovation

Every single business can innovate, it's simply a matter of perception.

Every single business can innovate, says Deloitte – it's simply a matter of perception, finding and creating avenues that explore new ideas around the relationships between individuals, organisations, suppliers and processes. It's not just about creating a new product, changes at a managerial and organisational level can have just as much impact.

However, simply willing change out of thin air will not drive innovation. Businesses need the time and focus to truly identify where positive change can take place. Managed IT services can give individuals and teams within an organisation this much needed time and space.

  • Free up time. Managed services can give individuals the tools to get their jobs done quickly, effectively, and in their own time. Mobility solutions gives employees the efficiency of a fully equipped office that they can access wherever they go, so whenever inspiration for innovation strikes, they'll be able to capitalise on it.
  • Free up attention. For many small businesses, dedicating resources to running IT can be a waste of effort as staff spend their time managing IT rather than looking for new opportunities to work with it. Managed IT services removes the need for in-house managers, letting the people who would be running them focus their attention to more valuable tasks. 

Australian small businesses that are able to unlock new organisational and managerial structures are 3 per cent more likely to be achieving their revenue growth targets, according to Deloitte. Implementing new managerial structures is also attributed to an 11 per cent increase in productivity.

For SMBs in Sydney, perhaps now is the time to look into how IT managed services providers can work for you.

Just like how innovation can spring from anywhere within an organisation, IT is an integral part of all business systems.

Unlocking innovation and growth with LOOKUP.COM

Making the process of identifying opportunities for innovation and implementing strategies that capitalise on them is simple with the help of LOOKUP.COM. We understand that, just like how innovation can spring from anywhere within an organisation, IT is an integral part of all business systems.

As Sydney's leading IT consultants and managed service providers, we're committed to continue the NSW capital's tradition as leaders in innovation and help drive business growth.

To find out more, get in touch with us today.

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