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Address: 320 Princes Highway
Rockdale, NSW 2216

Phone: 1300 553 559

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Contact Consumer Electronics and Computer repairs

Contact us with any inquiry and we’ll get back to you with details to your request. If you would like to schedule a demo in our showroom, please email (via form) or phone directly.Enquires can also be made by phone or email directly, at any time.

Existing Clients

For existing clients we recommend direct contact via email or helpdesk. If you require Helpdesk support or a remote connection, please call and start a remote session.

Business Consultations

Reach out to us for our various technology solutions. From Managed Security, POS systems, cloud integration, wireless networks or even software enquiries. LOOKUP can answer any questions your business has on technology.

Contact LOOKUP and let us show you how your business could innovate.

Local Call for more Information

 NSW: 0280464600  WA: 0863170289  NZ: +6498871047
 VIC: 0399440839  SA: 0881213364  Singapore: +6531632025
 QLD: 0735036815
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