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SECURE Modern Workplace Awesomely Responsive Local Helpdesk A Best in Class Approach from IT Experts Big Team Capability  Small Team Agility
SECURE Modern Workplace
We will keep your data safe, we will help you work more productively from home or anywhere you want to work...
Awesomely Responsive Local Helpdesk
LOOKUP resolves most issues in the same day. We believe eliminating and preventing issues in the first instance...
A Best in Class
Approach from IT Experts
We listen to your needs and believe every business has different requirements. We customise your experience with us...
Big Team Capability

Small Team Agility
Every customer gets a dedicated Account Manager and Quarterly Business reviews...

Your I.T strategy shape’s your business success​.

I.T is so much more than cables, computers, apps and filters.

It is a living, evolving ecosystem of interconnecting tools to help you drive productivity, keep your employees happy and engaged and exceed your client’ expectations. All while generating better profitability, higher shareholder value, reducing expenses and keeping your systems and IP safe from threats.

The workplace is transforming —from changing employee expectations, to more diverse and globally distributed teams, to an increasingly complex threat landscape. From these trends, a new culture of work is emerging. And new tools and approaches are needed.

At LookUpwe understand the Modern Workplace with all it’s challenges and incredible opportunities. And we love it.

We are a team of Senior Engineers with more certifications than collared shirts.

We offer clients ‘big team capability’, with ‘small team agility’

We pride ourselves on all-round awesome service, while staying ahead of the digital transformation curve. Importantly we help our clients evolve their technology culture and IT infrastructure for competitive advantage, securely.

We’re here for your Digital Evolution –Making IT simple.

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Managed Services Provider

As your business grows, we can help ensure that all solutions are scalable and ready to expand as you do.


Managed Security Services Provider

Our Managed Security staff have more than experience, they are accredited Microsoft Gold Partners in Cloud and the security sector.

WorkDESK Recruitment Software

WorkDESK is the most comprehensive end-to-end software solution for the Recruitment and Labour Hire industry in Australia. 

Shaping a New Experience

Our loyalty and commitment is to you, the people we build our services and technology for – this is what makes us different – we don’t just hook you up with a system, we make sure we are your trusted partner for life. We make a promise that we are in it long term.

When you talk, we listen, when you need help, we respond immediately, we’re safe and always have protection, we are honest, transparent and you will always know where you stand, and that’s with us –  we’re more than great people, we’re your trusted partner – for life.


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The services offered at LOOKUP drive productivity, keep your organisations working, operations running, and people and businesses linked together no matter where in the world they are. LOOKUP applies an I.T. strategy that helps us engage with your business and your people for you to excel. Our Managed Services, Managed Security and Software development support services ensure your business runs at its full potential because we get to know you first.​


Simple, Secure, Streamlined


Dedicated Account Manager

Local Helpdesk

Leverage our expertise

Your GO-TO-GURUS for all things advanced for a ‘Modern Workplace’. Feel safe knowing that behind the scenes, we are always there to help your business grow.

"LOOKUP always gets the job done. Their staff understand what keeps us running and deliver an above-and-beyond experience."

John Comino - Alfa Insurance - CEO