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5 tech trends for Australian small businesses in 2018

The IT landscape is changing, and you need to catch up before you're left behind. 2018 will see both new and familiar concepts rise to meet modern business demands, adding value and supporting more efficient systems. Here are 5 trends you need to know about as your business moves into 2018.

3 tips to accelerate startup growth

Small businesses are working against the clock - will they be able to accelerate growth, or run out of resources? Strive for success by maintaining an agile digital infrastructure, cross-selling and upselling and developing insights from the collection of big data.

Which small business trends should you buy into in 2018?

Another year in the books, and a new set of trends to learn about in 2018. There are a variety of directions small businesses are moving in to keep up with the competition, and we've rounded up three popular strategies we think your organisation should know act on soon.

2017’s ​worst​ ​cybersecurity​ ​hacks​ ​- what you can learn

LOOKUP.COM stopped to reflect on 2017's worst cybersecurity hacks and the lessons small business owners can learn about improving their IT security.

An ounce of prevention: Why you need cybersecurity yesterday

Cyber security is an area that's extremely important, and if you can't have a dedicated in-house security team, here's the next best thing.

How IoT is changing the retail industry

A lot of people are talking about the Internet of Things, but how does it relate to retail, and what sort of changes can you expect to see in the future?

4 IT considerations for your new retail business

Opening a new retail shop can be very difficult task indeed. Here are are four IT considerations to make in preparation for your new business.

3 security risks managed security services can help you avoid

What sort of cyber attacks are small- to medium-sized businesses risking? And how can you prevent them from happening to you?

Mission Control: How LOOKUP.COM is your “guy in the chair”

Every business needs a "guy in the chair", the technology expert who has a solution to every problem. Here's how LOOKUP.COM could become your chair guy.

Why Office 365 Delve is worth your time

We waste much of our working week looking for information. Delve for Office 365 fixes all that, presenting the information you need, when you need it.