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Mission Control: How LOOKUP.COM is your “guy in the chair”

Every epic hero has his "guy in the chair" – you know the one – the guy with the headset who sits in a dark room, looking at data on multiple screens and guiding the hero towards the end goal. We recently saw some pretty great "guy in the chair" moves from Ted in Spider-Man Homecoming, but Spider-Man is far from the only hero with his own terminal cowboy. The Avengers have Nick Fury, Batman has Alfred Pennyworth, and the team in Mission Impossible has Luther Stickell.

But what do these guys do besides hammering the keyboard and saying "I'm in"? Well, they do a lot. They're on the line to support our heroes in whatever capacity necessary. They are far more than just guys in chairs, we prefer to think of them as "mission control" because the role is less about sitting than it is about ensuring maximum efficiency and trouble-shooting on the fly. LOOKUP.COM's Helpdesk Support is basically mission control for your business, and here's why.

Headset and keyboardThese are the weapons of the "guy in the chair"

We're local and approachable

Our helpdesk staff are humans, not robots and as such they can interact and converse with you like humans usually do. No chat-bots or forum trawling for you, just the answers you need to get things back on track.

Cultural familiarity goes a long way towards ensuring a good result when you reach out for help. Describing technical issues can be difficult, even without a language barrier. When a conversation takes place around an IT-related problem, you may find yourself on the phone to someone who is speaking another language in more ways than one. This is where a local helpdesk is useful. Two people who speak the same language, with the same idiomatic phrases in familiar accents can get to the crux of a problem immediately, giving you the time you need to focus on your daily operations.

We go the extra mile 12 hours a day (every day)

LOOKUP.COM's helpdesk support team is on hand from 9am to 9pm every day, including the weekend. The retail and hospitality sectors don't just stop after office hours – shops have late nights and restaurants operate predominantly in the evenings, so what's the use in us going home at five if you might need us later?

As your trusted mission control specialists, we're committed to being there when you need us. We want you to feel as though we have your back at all times – and we do. Whatever your requirements, we've here to help and you might be amazed at how flexible we can be. While your business might not specialise in international espionage or defeating villains, it's still important to us that your mission control is the best in the game, regardless of what that mission is.

Mess of network cables
Whatever you do, don't cross the yellow wire and the red wire.

We have dedicated, qualified technicians

Experience is extremely important when it comes to supporting your business' IT. We don't just have a huge amount of experience in the IT sector, but also across many different specialist fields within. Mission control needs to be knowledgeable and versatile. There are very few times where you will see the guy in the chair respond with "um, well, I don't know? Hold on I'm googling it."

Having a group of helpdesk operators who are skilled in multiple areas of IT makes the whole process easier. It'll save you time and stress, and you'll be back to work in no time. In addition to our years of experience and specialist knowledge, our team is also dedicated to keeping up to date with new technologies and IT trends. This way we can ensure that our solutions are the best available.

We're adaptable

No-one ever plans on things going wrong, but the best mission control operators are the ones who have contingencies for all situations. When a spanner gets thrown in the works, that's when you want someone reliable and adaptable in the chair. LOOKUP.COM's helpdesk support IS that guy, and we can help you out of any IT mess.

It's not just curveballs we can dodge either, we're adaptable in terms of changing technologies. As new tech is blowing up all around us, we're looking at the best of it and how it could benefit your business. We want you to have the best quality solutions available to you, and we'll be there every step of the way to guide you in using and managing your IT systems.

Your business needs it's mission control, and LOOKUP.COM can provide it with our Helpdesk Support services. We'll give you the help you need, when you need it. To speak to your own private guy in the chair, contact LOOKUP.COM.