Obviously, there are other technology implementers in the marketplace, but there are several unique reasons as to why LOOKUP is the current leader in SME and Franchise sector, all of which translate into an immediate benefit to you.

Outsourcing your technology implementation to us negates the need for an internal technology division. Whether you have 1 office or 1,000 stores, the fixed cost of internal tech resources represents a massive outlay, with ongoing staffing headaches. By engaging LOOKUP we can assign infrastructure and manpower at exactly the rate your growing business requires. A little to start with, and growing to meet your needs as you expand.
You’ll immediately enjoy the leverage and economies of scale that comes from being supported by a well-established and experienced innovations company, and as you grow we pass those economies on.
This translates into an incremental pricing plan which gets better as you get bigger.

Choosing an IT Company

  • One point of contact for all your IT needs
  • A history of delivering excellent service
  • Provider of multiple SMB services and solutions
  • Innovation technology specialists and developers
  • Adaptable and flexible service unique to business needs
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We're your Technology Division

Avoid the usual costs of running your own in-house IT department and benefit from our flexible and responsive team of experts. Assign all of the technology responsibilities onto us and get the advice from an experienced and qualified team.

Assign resources with growth

Your business needs to grow as technology advances. With LOOKUP on your side adapting to new opportunities to enhance your business is easy. From scalability and flexibility comprising of the core pillars of our technology solutions. Our constant ability to innovate and adjust to the business environment allows your business to stay on top.

Reduce cost with our Partnerships

Cost is such an influential component of any business decision. With LOOKUP, our network of partnerships allows us to pass the savings onto you. With the latest and specific technology available to you via our partners, you’ll have more options from a single, reliable source at the best prices.

Keep up with the Latest Tech

The cutting edge of technology systems and services available to you through LOOKUP. We can keep you competitive with efficiency, and productivity in your technology.

All in one point of contact for IT

Get to know your IT department at LOOKUP, with a single point of contact for all your technology solutions and advice. Our friendly team of experienced technicians and more, are available to you without troublesome navigating of divisions and departments.

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“Probably the biggest advantage our customers see is that we are the one point of contact for all IT, Security, Telephony and Internet related projects, and we are able to provide this service from a Global standpoint, looking after single site operators SME/SMB to large franchise groups.”

Our clout within the IT industry gives your company more muscle than you would ever have standing alone. Immediately this translates into lower costs of goods and services. In Terms of Hardware we have sourced the best of breed at the most competitive pricing; using the world’s leading brands with National onsite coverage for warranty, giving you peace of mind. In terms of Software we ensure that training and software assurances are given where possible, so you are left to do what you do best without the headaches.

Rather than learning from your own mistakes and finding your way by trial and error, you can instead benefit from innovation based on our unique industry experience.
How about us implementing a web-based ordering system that is not-only cost neutral, but generates an income stream to offset costs, or to re-invest into the development of your business? How about we do it in weeks and not months? Examples of the LOOKUP.COM difference.


We pride ourselves at being at the forefront of innovation technology. This means we are able to understand your requirements and solve problems using an array of technologies to deliver and implement innovation into your business.