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Why your business needs to go mobile

In order to unlock the latent potential of small businesses, it's essential they go mobile.

Mobile and digital platforms will unlock $49.2 billion worth of economic value for small businesses in Australia over the next decade, according to PwC. According to its Small Business: Digital Growth report, mobile and internet technologies hold the key to transforming small business operation. 

Mobility in the workplace – the freedom to dictate when and where you work – is the future of business in today's digital and global economy. At LOOKUP.COM, we've outlined a few reasons why your business can also benefit from going mobile.

Mobile tech helps businesses reach the next level.Mobile tech helps businesses reach the next level.

Mobile tech: opening the door to the world

Only a few years ago, rural businesses were limited by geography. Old technologies in the pre digital age meant that rural companies has access to a small customer base than their counterparts in big cities.

With the emergence of digital technologies and mobile solutions, every business with an internet connection hold the potential to expand their customer base, not just to the rest of Australia, but the whole world. Almost nine out of 10 Australian adults are now online, reports the Australian Media Communications Authority, opening the door to business beyond physical location. 

Perhaps this is why PwC predicts rural businesses will benefit the most from mobile technology. Of the $49.2 billion worth of growth, 53 per cent will be realised by small businesses in rural communities.

Tapping into the digital generation

71 per cent of SMBs believe mobile tech will replace traditional solutions in the future.

Making the most of digital technologies means also making the most of employees. As millennials are quickly becoming the dominant generation in the workforce, technologies that allow 'Gen Y' to work to their full potential can help drive business growth in return. 

Improving loyalty amongst millennials by offering a flexible work environment is a key contributor to business performance, according to Deloitte's 2017 Millennial Survey. The survey found that a flexible environment (such as choice of work time, location – even contract), is linked to improved organisational performance, personal benefit, and company loyalty.

Much of this digital transformation will be – and is already – facilitated by the cloud. Cloud technologies let users access and store data remotely, collaborate virtually and offers the freedom in deciding where and when is the most productive time to work. This is why 71 per cent of SMBs believe mobile tech will replace traditional solutions in the future.

To find out how mobility solutions can help drive your business' growth, get in touch with the team at LOOKUP.COM today.