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Making the most of millennials in the workplace with cloud technology

Some say millennials have their heads in the clouds, but they may be on to something.

Millennials are becoming the dominant generation in the workforce and their habits and trends are shaping how businesses operate. They're also native users of many of the technologies that established businesses need to embrace.

Let's look at why it's smart to take a leaf out of the millennials' handbook by using cloud technologies such as Microsoft's Office 365.

Millennials have some good ideas about improving business flexibility.Millennials have some good ideas about improving business flexibility.

Millennials want flexibility, and you should too

A flexible work environment can benefit both small businesses and millennials within them. Having a degree of freedom over hours worked, location and even employment terms is a key influencer of millennials' workplace attitude and performance, according to Deloitte's 207 Millennial Survey.

By promoting a flexible environment, organisational performance, personal benefit and company loyalty are all improved within this generation, according to the survey. 

Office 365 gives teams the ability to collaborate and communicate across multiple documents and platforms in real time.

What's good for millennials is good for business

A flexible environment benefits small businesses in similar ways:

  • Where you work: Traditionally, the office has been confined to a single location. However, in a mobile environment, small businesses can't afford to be static. By taking advantage of Office 365, you carry your office with you wherever you go.
  • When you work: The overwhelming majority of millennials rate a healthy work-life balance as extremely important to them, reports PwC's 'Millennials at work' survey. That means having the freedom to work when you're most productive, by mixing up the traditional 9 to 5 for the benefit of both employers and employees. 
  • The device you work with: With the emergence of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), personal devices are making their way into the workspace. Office 365 can be run across PCs, Macs, tablets or phones, so that no matter what equipment is brought to the table, users can get the job done.

Whatever your thoughts on them, millennials are here to stay. Collaborating with this generation is essential, whether or not your business is ready for a flexible workplace. Office 365 gives teams the ability to collaborate and communicate across multiple documents and platforms in real time.

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