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No team is an island: Advantages of SharePoint for business

Island-hopping might be a good way to spend a vacation, but it's best to leave this behaviour in the tropics where it belongs. Back home, businesses run on teams of individuals working on projects or documents together. However, without a way to share information effectively with other teams, islands of information begin to emerge, and sailing between them becomes a challenge.

If your business resembles an archipelago more than a peninsula, it's time to consider how the right IT solutions can bring your islands together. SharePoint Online as part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite can make sharing, communicating and collaborating between teams a breeze.

SharePoint can help connected different teams.SharePoint can help connected different teams.

No more island-hopping. Share information anywhere, anytime

Rather than sailing from island to island, SharePoint pools data and documents stored across multiple computers into a single giant island, so information can be accessed by whoever needs it, wherever they are. 

This saves team members valuable time as they no longer have to go hunting for people or documents to get their work done.

Not only does SharePoint connect teams in the same office, building or across border lines, with the SharePoint app, individuals can stay connected and access this platform wherever they go to ensure that there is not such thing as 'too far out of reach' to get the job done. 

SharePoint isn't just a platform to share documents; it  is a space to share information.

Bringing teams together

Sure, bringing information together so that it's easily accessible is good for business, but what about bringing people together? Collaboration keeps businesses running, and when internal teams are isolated from each other, geographically or not, the opportunities to collaborate diminishes quickly.

SharePoint isn't just a platform to share documents; it is a space to share information. Users can:

  • Work over the latest document versions – no more chasing the most recent copy.
  • Skip waiting for feedback – approvals and edits can happen side-by-side in real time.
  • Bring in new information as needed, across different file and application types.

There are many other ways SharePoint as part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite can help streamline and make IT simple for businesses. However, before diving into this new and exciting platform, it's best to consider options in relation to your businesses needs. 

For this reason, LOOKUP.COM take a holistic approach to managed IT services, so that no matter the solution, the technology fits the unique requirements of your industry. 

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