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Why cybersecurity needs to be adaptive

As businesses digitise and integrate the latest technology, hackers continue to create new ways to access it. Subsequently, there is a greater need for adaptive cybersecurity architecture now than there ever has been before. Does your network have adequate protection?

Net Neutrality: What it means and why you should care

You've heard the kerfuffle about net neutrality, but what does it all mean? With the United States Federal Communications Commission eliminating net neutrality in America, could the effects reach Australia? Here's everything you need to know about the issue, and why it matters.

3 tips to accelerate startup growth

Small businesses are working against the clock - will they be able to accelerate growth, or run out of resources? Strive for success by maintaining an agile digital infrastructure, cross-selling and upselling and developing insights from the collection of big data.

Which small business trends should you buy into in 2018?

Another year in the books, and a new set of trends to learn about in 2018. There are a variety of directions small businesses are moving in to keep up with the competition, and we've rounded up three popular strategies we think your organisation should know act on soon.

Sheets about to get real: Excel upgrades in Office 2019

Office 2019 will be launching in the later half of 2018. Here's the changes we know about so far, and how they might improve your daily operations.

How NOT to handle a data breach

Equifax (or 2017's easiest target) had a public relations nightmare following the Sept data breach. Here's where they went wrong and what we learnt from it.

2017’s ​worst​ ​cybersecurity​ ​hacks​ ​- what you can learn

LOOKUP.COM stopped to reflect on 2017's worst cybersecurity hacks and the lessons small business owners can learn about improving their IT security.

Turning it off and on again: Did you actually try it?

It is the oldest trick in the IT book - but a surprising number of people don't even try it, or know the benefits. DID you try turning it off and on again?

An ounce of prevention: Why you need cybersecurity yesterday

Cyber security is an area that's extremely important, and if you can't have a dedicated in-house security team, here's the next best thing.

The cloud versus on-site servers: Which is better for you?

Is cloud storage a better way to manage your data than the on-site servers of old? What are the differences between the two, and which is right for you?