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How managed services simplify workplace mobility

Making the most of the hours you are given comes down to having the right tools for the job. It's impossible to edit a sales template if you're stuck in rush hour traffic or working from home and can't find the attachment buried in your inbox.

Mobility is everywhere, and Australians are finding new ways to work around their lifestyle and circumstances. From the bus to the train to the kitchen table, where are you likely to make the most of mobile workplace solutions, and how can managed IT services make it easier for businesses to implement them?

Mobile solutions keep employees connected on the move.Mobile solutions keep employees connected while on the move.

1. Travelling to work

Many Sydney residents complain of spending over an hour on the daily commute, reports The Daily Telegraph. Finding something productive to do during this time might lessen the pain being stuck in traffic.

If the commute is particularly bad, being able to plug into the office ahead of time means that even if someone is late, they won't have lost any hours in the day. On the bus or train, users can check their emails and chat with fellow employees who've already made it to the office, to ensure a gridlock is no impediment to productivity. 

Having the freedom to choose where the best place to work is important.

2. Travelling abroad

Jetsetting often comes with saying goodbye to all but a few channels of communication between the traveller and the office. With a mobile cloud-based sharing platform, users are able to do much more than respond to emails, checking up and contributing to shared documents from half a world away. 

Whether an employee is travelling for an international sales call, or simply wishes to check in on things whilst sipping cocktails on the beach, they can do so in more ways than one.

3. Working from home

One in three Australians regularly work from home reports the Sydney Morning Herald. As part of a healthy life balance, having the freedom to choose where the best place to work is important, and mobile tech can provide the flexibility to maintain productivity across locations.

Mobility solutions can give employees all the tools available to them in the office, with the benefit of being able to take them wherever they go. 

However, while mobility makes workplace productivity easy, it can be difficult to put into practise without a clear implementation strategy.

Managed IT services can take the hassle out of finding and implementing the right mobility solution.

Why managed IT services can make working remotely simple

Managed IT services can take the hassle out of finding and implementing the right mobility solution so businesses can reap the rewards of mobile platforms without having to expend time and money managing them. For example, the Microsoft Office 365 suite complements workplace mobility in three ways by creating:

  1. A secure mobile platform. Office 365 ensures that mobile workers are able to access data across secure channels
  2. A flexible workplace. Not only can users work wherever they work best, Office 365 can operate across the user's preferred iOS or Android device.
  3. A collaborative environment. With the ability to view and edit documents with other users in real time, Office 365 helps facilitate collaboration on the go.

The technical support from managed IT services means that businesses don't have to invest in overseeing their own technology, and can dedicate time and resources to capitalising on the benefits of workplace mobility.

Making life more simple is the reason why over 60 per cent of businesses make the switch to managed IT services. To find out how LOOKUP.COM can do the same for your business, reach out to our friendly team today.