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3 fictional organisations that failed due to poor IT infrastructure

Crime doesn't pay. But what if it did? Specifically, what if it paid LOOKUP.COM to provide an IT solution of complete and thorough service management across the entire organisation? Said organisation wouldn't just be getting a good deal, they would also boost efficiency and finally come out on top. In real life, we want the good guys to win, but these three pure evil – yet completely fictional -organisations could certainly benefit from improving their IT infrastructure with LOOKUP.COM's Microsoft Managed Services.

The Empire (Star Wars)

The Empire has a lot going for it; an enigmatic leader, an outstanding fleet of warships, and weapons that can destroy entire planets. However, they seem to have some weak areas, and we believe we have a few solutions they could utilise to keep from coming out second-best to a ragtag group of pesky rebels.

Improved security: Don't get us wrong here, R2D2 is resourceful and admirable, but he's an astromech droid. That means his primary function is fixing X-Wing fighters and aiding their pilots. He's not even designed for hacking computers, yet he is still able to plug into the Death Star and access files pertaining to Leia's whereabouts that should have been carefully protected.

Instant messaging: We know that the Galactic Republic has an internet (HoloNet, as it were), yet The Empire don't seem to utilise this in any meaningful way. There is almost no way Han, Luke and Leia could have escaped the Death Star in A New Hope if the Imperial troops had been able to quickly spread the message about the Rebels escape. They could have diverted more troops (or even just a few that can actually aim) to stop Leia getting away. Extremely poor internal communications you have there, Palpatine. Consider us unimpressed.

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Globex Corporation (The Simpsons)

The Globex Corporation is led by the amiable Hank Scorpio, who was once described in Blue Pants Weekly as 1997's greatest CEO. Despite the media accolades, he isn't quite the man he seems. He does seem to have some handle on how to use technology to his advantage, the IT infrastructure at Globex is at least capable of high-quality video chat – allowing him to issue his demands to the UN Security Council. But still, imagine what he could have accomplished with:

Office 365: We know that Hank is out and about a lot, what with stopping to greet the Simpsons in the middle of foot race and presumably taking frequent trips to the hammock district down on third. Office 365 would allow him and his top men to continue to work from literally anywhere; at home, the office, or even while on the run (from the law).

99.99% Uptime guarantee: The last we heard from Mr. Scorpio, he had successfully taken over the East Coast of the United States. With an operation on that level, can Globex really afford to falter? The answer is no. No, they cannot. The 99.99% uptime guarantee would ensure that Globex can do what they need to do when they need to do it, without any systems failing in critical situations.

Weyland-Yutani (Alien)

Firstly, LOOKUP.COM would like to acknowledge that there is actually NO fix for Ellen Ripley with a flamethrower. If this is a problem your business is facing you need to warn your employees and get out of there immediately. Weyland-Yutani could benefit from a few basic system improvements though, and we think if they took care these key issues, they might be able to finally do some science on a few Xenomorphs.

Social networking: When large sections of your work-force keep getting wiped out by an intelligent and deadly race of aliens, or else spend half a century faffing about in cryo-sleep, your recruiters are going to have a lot of work on their hands. A business-focussed social network like Yammer can be a great recruitment tool – ensuring you get the best, most compliant people to fill newly vacant positions.

Cloud storage: The Nostromo was a very large ship, and by all means likely to have been a significant investment when Weyland-Yutani first had it built. The Nostromo's crew destroyed both the ship and it's extra-terrestrial passenger, which surely resulted in someone getting fired (again, social networking, guys). Since the science officer/undercover android was supposed to return the Alien to HQ for study, a lot of time, equipment and effort could have been saved if he'd undertaken a study himself and used cloud-based storage to allow the higher-ups to view it back on terra-firma.

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Is your company looking to achieve its own brand of world domination? LOOKUP.COM's Microsoft Managed Services can provide your business with the IT infrastructure it needs to defeat your enemies succeed in your industry, so get in contact today. 

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