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3 ways Office 365 can make your business more agile

As we all know, the early bird gets the worm. A business' quick response and ability to change is essential to capitalise on disruption, especially for small enterprises.

Tech-facilitated disruption shakes up the big guys and creates new business niches – fertile ground for SMBs. Perhaps this is why Bentleys 2016 Voice of Australian Business survey found that 38 per cent of small businesses saw digital disruption as an opportunity rather than a threat. 

Below, we've outlined just three ways Office 365 helps SMBs stay agile in a disruptive business environment.

1. Create a flexible workplace

Thanks to the cloud and online platforms employees can work anywhere with an internet connection.

With Office 365, employees have the freedom to work where they work best. This flexibility serves a number of functions. It lets employees have a say in when and where they work, allows businesses to continue operation from separate locations and lets companies grab ahold of opportunity as it comes their way. 

Thanks to the cloud, and online platforms such as SharePoint and OneDrive, employees can work anywhere with an internet connection. No matter when opportunity arises, SMB owners have the ability to be at the centre of change as it happens, without putting operations on hold.

2. Collaborate remotely

An essential part of a collaborative environment is the sharing and access of data. However, in an agile environment, employees may not always been in the same location at the same time. Without a solution, collaboration, and therefore productivity, takes a hit.

Thanks to Office 365, employees can easily access and collaborate on documents in real time, chat with colleagues and share files, regardless of location. These tools are designed to offer the same level of productivity, where employees choose to work.

Office 365 can let employees work anywhere, anytime.Office 365 can let employees work anywhere, anytime.

3. Stay secure

To capitalise on new territory in a disruptive environment, small businesses need confidence that their security is up to scratch before they make a move. There's no point taking advantage of new tech if there are existing holes in security, unnecessarily putting your data at risk.

Office 365 is built to the latest legal, regulatory and technical standards. In partnership with LOOKUP.COM, your data is securely protected with a financially backed SLA, and our our 24/7 technical phone support is available for serious issues.

For the above reasons, and many more, LOOKUP has partnered with Microsoft Office 365 to help Sydney-based SMBs stay light on their feet, so that they have to tools to adapt to a changing environment. 

Interested in using Office 365 for your small business? Get in touch with the team at LOOKUP today.