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Two reasons to pay attention to software

Two reasons to pay attention to software

Software matters. What your employees use can impact your firm and your customers. Pay attention. Make rules.

New software applications
In the pre-pandemic phase, even when companies had staff working from home they were fewer in number and a lot of them even came into the office a couple of times a week to ‘just catch up’ on work and with colleagues. So, no one really had paid any attention to collaborative software programs because engagement levels were pretty high with just a handful of staff working remotely and connecting on the phone or in-person anyway.

It was only after the pandemic forced organizations in their entirety began to operate –from CEO to intern–that businesses recognized the need for collaborative software programs such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom Meetings, Google Meet, etc. Similarly, from the productivity tracking perspective, software programs such as TimeDoctor, Roadmap, Tick, Timely, etc., became popular. The challenges of migrating to these tools were two-fold. First, investing in new technology was expensive especially for SMBs, and secondly, everyone had to be trained on how to use it.

Data security
With staff working remotely, data security became a serious concern. When you have staff operating in an office, it is easier to keep tabs on data security. You can have various mechanisms in place to ensure data security. These include firewalls, antivirus software applications, closed, secured, and tightly monitored networks, physical security measures, and monitoring systems such as CCTV cameras, biometric access controls, etc. But, with staff working remotely, a lot of these can’t be deployed, as the employees are mostly using their own personal devices for work purposes and also using their home’s internet connection to access work files. This makes monitoring and imposing restrictions almost impossible.

Timely, ongoing and consistent monitoring is a necessity. An MSP has the tools and experience to guide you toward solutions that will keep your datas secure.