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Our Vision

We have a simple vision of making IT simple. LOOKUP prides itself in its consultation and implementation of technology solutions. Managing a range of business verticals, our goal has always been to take pressure off our clients and produce a quality solution with the right technology. This often takes a lot of technical expertise and learning, but our aim is always present a simple, well-executed solution. We are making I.T simple by making IT simple.

Our Mission

To be leading the way with simple but innovative technology to enhance the performance of our clients.


Be Innovative and Creative

We encourage innovation through a focus on Research and Development and Problem Solving.  We understand that each of us is a catalyst for change and in an industry forever changing the possibilities are endless – and that makes us excited!

Best Practice to achieve Best Outcomes for our Clients and Ourselves

We formulate best practice through education, team communication, knowledge transfer and listening to ideas. We give a damn about our work and want that to reflect in our outcomes for our clients.  

We Collaborate

1 is good, 2 is great! The more we work together the more we can share ideas, be efficient and generally have a more productive and enjoyable time creating solutions. We create a network of ideas through our partnerships to really deliver unique solutions

Be Human - We are a friend in the business

We all have our unique personalities – and we don’t want to shy away from that. Quirks and all, we are always true to who we are so that when we speak with our partners, clients and vendors we are being honest and truthful.

Come from the Heart

Be compassionate, respectful, honest and humble.  We are genuine in our interactions and show empathy to each other.  We care about our team, clients and partners and strive to show that at every turn.


Bring the excitement back. JT brought sexy back – we are bringing WOW back. We want to surprise, engage, over deliver, be unique, deliver new platforms – Wow our partners with our ideas.

Be Better

Never stop. There is always more for us to learn, discover and realise about what we are doing. Never being stagnant – forever adapting and learning – both technically and personally.

Be Happy

We love what we do! Our industry is forever changing which is an exciting prospect, so it’s impossible to be down about anything. We love invoking change in businesses to deliver more than they expected, and we love talking to our partners.

Make IT Happen

We do what we do, so we can leave you to do what is best. This means we need to make IT happen, take responsibility of the project or job and ensure you feel relaxed that the job will be completed.

We want to be the champion. We want to be the person or team you turn to when you need something fixed, we want to lead industry standards, develop ideas that are recognized as best practice.


A solution to a business or technology issue can tend to sound like a packaged deal. Whilst packages can help when a solution is simple, we’ve found that most SMB’s benefit most from a customised or tailored platform. If your business has specific requirements, we’re the technology solutions company that wants to listen.