Consistency is a sticking point for business, especially at the point of sale (POS). If you can’t deliver the same level of service on a day-to-day basis within a store – or between franchises – achieving peak efficiency is a Herculean task. An inefficient POS system makes it difficult to not only deal with high transactional numbers, but also limits opportunities for business growth.

Many owners fall into the habit of believing employing more staff is a solution to an inefficient POS system. However, with the right POS software and technology, small businesses will find they can do more with the people they already have.

What are the elements of a good POS system?

The best POS system for retail covers a number of areas. Retail businesses and franchises have to make sure the technology they use is robust enough for retail (especially the food industry), provides them with a reliable network and ensures their operations remain secure and stable should things go awry.

At LOOKUP, we believe that a good POS system must cover the following areas:

  • Technology: Making sure hardware and software are appropriate for the business’s working environment and can withstand the everyday risks such as the presence of liquid and food that may come its way.
  • Networking: Ensuring a stable connection through routing devices, switches and internet so that businesses can operate with the confidence they can do so seamlessly.
  • Security: A POS system is more than just networks and cash registers. Camera’s alarms and even screen monitoring can help make business operation smooth and secure.
  • Analysis: Knowledge is power, and the more small businesses know of metrics through their POS system such as foot traffic, sales and such, the better armed they are to seize on opportunities for growth.
  • Scalability: Expanding to multiple stores is a big step, and businesses need to have the confidence their POS technology will provide the same level of consistency.
  • Retrofit: Installing point of sale technology can’t just apply to new businesses – it’s essential existing organisations or franchisees can retrofit the perfect solution.
  • Availability: In the event of something going amiss, businesses need to know their managed service providers are available at the drop of a hat.

Setting up POS with LOOKUP

Taking the above requirements into account we provide:

  • POS hardware setup (cash registers, retail-ready computers etc)
  • POS software setup (email, website, networking etc)
  • CCTV and remote connection
  • Digital signage
  • Guest Wi-Fi services
  • In store analytics
  • Antivirus and software security
  • Round-the-clock help desk support and technical backup

LOOKUP – A POS solution that grows with you

Sure, we could set your business up with a POS system and call it a day, but at LOOKUP, we don’t work that way. A big part of providing our customers with a tailored IT solution is understanding the nitty-gritty of what makes your business tick, so that we can find the absolute best solution for you out there. We can’t do that if we keep our clients at arm’s length.

At LOOKUP, we pride ourselves on our ongoing support, which in retail, naturally includes point of sales. We want to be part of your success story and have the confidence that with our help, your business can thrive. This is why we model all our POS solutions to be scalable. Even if you’re starting as a single store, we do our best to roll out a POS solution that can be transferred from one store to the next one, and the one after that.

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