Australian businesses are flourishing with new Cloud and Virtual based Microsoft Managed Services. From Office 365 for all the latest office features, to fully virtualised server environments with Microsoft Azure. Benefits include reliable anywhere access and saved infrastructure costs.

Upgrading, migrating, or starting a business system is a daunting task, and involves important decision making on generally large investments. By using a cloud-based or virtual environment you could be cutting maintenance and infrastructure costs, whilst future-proofing many business essential systems.

The latest updates all the time

Enjoy all the latest updates and features in your Microsoft Office programs with an Office 365 subscription.

Continue working on the train

Pick up just where you left off with Office 365’s cross platform, always online suite of Office Programs and services.

99.99% Uptime guarantee

Keep your peace of mind with Microsoft’s financially backed guarantee of 99.99% annual uptime for office 365 services.

Business wide communication

Send instant messages, draw diagrams, or video conference online with Skype for Business, a feature-rich communication tool.

Cloud storage with SharePoint

Backup securely, or take advantage of easy online storage with OneDrive for Business as part of Microsoft SharePoint.

Easily share with clients

Utilising SharePoint you can easily distribute and coordinate files with clients securely online.

Easy intranet development

Keep your business information and notices secure and easily accessible with SharePoint’s web hosting features.

Social networking for business

Communicate and collaborate at any scale with Microsoft Yammer, the dedicated social network for your business.

External website hosting

Provide external websites to your customers online using Office 365. Ideal for keeping your services consolidated.


Get only what you need

By using software as a service architecture, you’ll have new options to enable only the software and features you know you’ll use. Save by eliminating services normally bundled into service packages.

Anywhere online access

Never again will you be chained to your desk, with anywhere online access to your software and services you can work unbound. With cross-platform apps and web accessible services you can be productive almost anywhere.

Reliable and Secure

With Microsoft’s 99.99% financially backed annual uptime guarantee, and the compliance to multiple security standards, your cloud services and solutions bring minimal risk to your everyday operations.



Unlike Office 365 which delivers software as a service, Microsoft Azure takes the next step, offering infrastructure as a service. Eliminate costs involved with infrastructure and maintenance and benefit from malleable and expandable services.

Microsoft Azure

Supporting a broad range of operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, tools, databases, and devices; Microsoft Azure is the complete cloud platform for business. Easily integrated into an existing IT environment, Azure delivers options for full or hybrid cloud functionality.

The Azure platform gives your business the ability to develop and manage multiple virtual systems, but also ensures future expandability. From publishing mobile apps to active directory sharing, Azure has all the tools you need, and could possibly need in the future.

  • Virtual Machines from Windows to Linux
  • Backend services for Mobile Apps
  • Scalable Cloud Services and APIs
  • Complete Dashboard control and Analytics
  • Data Lake service for big data analytics
  • Integrated ‘Internet of Things’ Hub
  • Expansive Virtual network functions
  • Flexible and scalable billing system
  • Many more features…