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The holistic side of managed IT services

Just as IT is more than just computers, your business is more than its IT department.

When providing technical expertise to small businesses, a holistic approach is needed. A business is more than the sum of its parts, so when consulting with managed IT services, you need to side with a partner that takes into account the unique needs, goals and capabilities of your organisation. No matter what level of IT your business has, there’s always room for a second pair of eyes.

Managed IT solutions function best when both parties work together. At LOOKUP, it’s our ambition to work closely with our partners to deliver optimal results, regardless of your business’s size. We are dedicated to being part of your success story and helping your IT capabilities grow as you do, from education and consulting, all the way through to implementation and beyond.

FAQ: Is outsourcing small business IT right for me?

Why outsource my IT?

Outsourcing IT holds many potential benefits. First and foremost, it removes the burden of managing and funding an IT department in-house, but it’s also a great way to control a runaway IT budget.

On top of this, with LOOKUP’s mobility solutions, small businesses can gain some much-needed flexibility in a competitive industry environment.

How important is IT scalability?

Small teams fluctuate, so businesses may find themselves urgently needing more (or less) tech. Without managed IT services, you might find yourself suddenly operating at over or under capacity and left either with a huge tech bill or wasted IT collecting dust for months on end.

Can I customise my IT support?

Yes. LOOKUP is all about providing the best service for your needs. No two businesses are identical, and IT systems they use shouldn’t be either. We work closely with our partners (in person or remotely), in order to find the exact level of IT support your business needs, in what areas and for what purposes, so that we can optimise the tools available to you.

Do I need dedicated staff or an IT department?

No, Unlike other IT services that only offer limited support, LOOKUP offers the whole package in all aspects of IT. The beauty of managed IT solutions for small businesses is twofold: You no longer need dedicated IT staff you’d otherwise have to pay for, and you’re no longer required to share responsibilities between time-poor employees.

What if I want to switch up my IT capabilities?

If your needs change, or if you want to branch out into another field of IT (such as mobile technology), outsourcing IT lets your capabilities change alongside you. Managed IT is a two-way conversation, so we make sure we’re listening closely to where you are and, importantly, where you want to be.

How often do I need to review my hardware?

Because different tech has different lifecycles, many small businesses end up with a ‘Frankenstein’ IT department on their hands, mixing old tech with the new, without a full grasp on either.

Standardising your tech goes a long way towards improving efficiency and creating a clear, coherent IT platform with which to grow your business.

Why choose LOOKUP?

An experienced team

We’ve helped over 200 Australian SME businesses get the most out of their IT. After more than 15 years in the industry, we know a thing or two about what makes outsourcing IT for small businesses work.

Innovative advice

As we’ve already said, no two businesses are alike – so small business IT support should follow suit. We pride ourselves on collaborating with our clients to come up with innovative and creative solutions to best fit their needs.

Practical application

It’s one thing to give the right advice – but it’s another kettle of fish entirely to put your money where your mouth is. At LOOKUP, we don’t just give technical support for small business, we put it into action. Our ongoing training and development means our team remains agile and continues to provide unique solutions adapted to your business needs.

What we’re experts in

LOOKUP brings a lot to the table giving the full package of managed IT services:

  • Managed Services
  • POS Hardware and Software Development
  • Servers both on Premise and Off-Site
  • Cloud Storage and Azure
  • Microsoft Office 365 and add-ons
  • IP Security including Cameras, Surveillance, Large Array Cameras, Cabling
  • Body Corporate Compliant
  • Telephony Services including Call Groups, Cisco Handsets
  • Printing and Paperless Solutions
  • IT Helpdesk
  • Management Solutions

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The team at LOOKUP specialise in a large array of IT-Centric specialties including Managed Services, POS Hardware and Software Development, Servers both on Premise and Off-Site, Cloud Storage and Azure, Microsoft Office 365 and add-ons, IP Security including Cameras, Surveillance, Large Array Cameras, Cabling, Body Corporate Compliant, Telephony Services including Call Groups, Cisco Handsets, Printing and Paperless Solutions plus IT Helpdesk and Management Solutions.

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Experienced Team

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Innovative Advice

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Practical Application

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