Consistency is the key technological issue both new and existing franchises may face. Growth is good, but when each store implements their own franchise and POS technology, things can get messy. How can multiple stores be expected to perform to the same level, if each one is running their own IT? They likely can’t, and risk an inconsistent customer experience, restricted growth and Head Office constantly running around putting out fires (not in the literal sense, we hope)!

Just as each new franchisee follows a base model, franchise POS technology and IT needs to follow suit. When it comes to delivering a smooth operation that includes both the corporate and store side of franchises, getting the right IT solution is crucial.

LOOKUP: Franchise IT that grows with you

We’re not interested in half-hearted measures when it comes to IT support. It’s our belief to provide holistic IT solutions for our partners, and with 15 years in the game, we can offer the best tailor-made service to fit your franchise’s unique needs and, importantly, grow with you.

With some of our partnerships spanning several years, we’ve helped franchises grow from one store to 10, from 10 to 20, and from 20 to 200. Focusing on ROI, we offer our partners affordable, effective and intuitive products covering hardware, software and service.

Point of sales (POS) technology and software

We can help your wider team with the right POS solution for your franchise, whatever the size or technological requirements. Head over to our point of sales page, to find out what makes a good POS system.

IT support

Consistency and scalability. These are the two keywords IT support need to get right. From basic networking and connectivity services to installing robust data cables, terminals and server solutions, there’s no area of IT we can’t fit your unique needs. We can help set up backup and data recovery solutions, as well as data and premise security.

Importantly, we can design a model that can be rolled out to any new stores and retrofit existing ones so that IT remains consistent across the board between Head Office and stores.

A holistic approach to your franchise needs

At LOOKUP, we work with designers, architects and shop fitters and managers to make sure that whatever IT solution we install fits business’ needs both now and in the future. We want to make sure that no matter how big business grows, your IT is future-proof and scalable.

Our ongoing support means we’re never far from reach. Our helpdesk runs 24/7 and our team of technicians are available 9 a.m.-9 p.m., seven days a week. We also have the ability to get hands-on remotely via screen sharing training and support.

Your franchise success story is our success story

Soul Origin POS

Soul Origin

LOOKUP got involved with healthy eatery chain Soul Origin at an early stage. With fewer than half a dozen stores, they were already experiencing the headaches of having each one with its own IT and POS technology, much of which wasn’t suitable in a food environment.

Now Soul Origin has over 60 store across Australia, and have streamlined their store options into two separate models: Kiosk and In-line, and delivers the same technological service across the board. Not only does LOOKUP provide continued support and service, they work closely with the chain’s designers and architects to make sure each new store roll out goes off without a hitch.

POS Crust Pizza

Crust Pizza Bar

At the other end of the scale, gourmet pizza bar Crust already had over 30 franchisees under its belt before getting in touch with LOOKUP. With the relationship starting by solving Head Office’s persistent networking issues, Crust quickly realised the potential of enlisting LOOKUP in helping their stores achieve the same positive results.

This relationship continued even after Crust’s ownership changed hands, becoming part of Retail Foods Group (RFG). Not only did RFG keep LOOKUP on board, they now take advantage of our consulting services for other franchises as well.

HR Department

Not all franchises are in retail, but that doesn’t make their IT needs any less serious. As this UK-based company made its way to Australian shores, it needed a way to ensure members were able to communicate and collaborate on the same platform. A patchwork model with users bringing their own devices wouldn’t work in this setting.

LOOKUP was able fit HR Department out with the tech they needed, making sure the company was working with the same hardware and software. Not only can users collaborate without impediment, a consistent IT approach means that the diagnoses, repair and recovery of data can be done quickly and efficiently.

To find out more about our franchise support, get in touch with the team at LOOKUP today.

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